Kylie Minogue has launched a legal claim against deal merchant B&M for its use of the title “Kylie” on some of its bed linen products. She has officially declared war.

However, the bargain merchant has retaliated by phoning the pop star and former Neighbors actress “covetous”.

The pop singer has taken action over the use of the title Kylie

In addition, it said the singer is not the most famous Kylie, rather claiming that title should be awards to Kardashian star Kylie Jenner, based on Retail Gazette.

B&M has since renamed the bed linen products “Camilla”, but it has so far refused to cover legal expenses of #10,000 to the star and furnishing designer Ashley Wilde who make the “Kylie Minogue at Home” range.

A B&M spokesperson told Retail Gazette: “There are countless individuals called Kylie around the planet, and now the most famous is likely Kylie Jenner, who has 100 million Instagram followers (against one million for Ms Minogue)”.

“We wish to stress that everybody at B&M believes Kylie Minogue is amazing and super talented.

B&M was first set up in 1979

“We love her songs but we think it’s covetous of her business partners to think you can have a popular first name.”

In 2015, Kylie Jenner attempted to trademark the title “Kylie” in the united states, however Minogue’s team hit back stating that she had been a “secondary television personality.”

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