Do you always feel overwhelmed and like the day doesn’t have enough hours? Does it seem to you like perhaps you’re not doing everything you can to spend your time in the best possible way? Many small things we do throughout the day are a waste of time. However, we’re all so used to performing mundane tasks, that we barely notice it. Here’s what you can do right now to save time and manage to focus on important tasks:

1. Stop “chasing the clock”

Do you find yourself running around and doing small tasks? Do hours go buy on irrelevant chores after which you feel like you didn’t get anything done? It’s possible that you’re unable to focus on priority tasks, and simply prefer doing whatever comes to your mind just to feel like you’re doing something. If important tasks are pending at work, don’t waste your time clearing your desk or sorting paperwork. Doing important tasks in a messy environment seems upsetting, but it’s not the end of the world.


2. Ask someone to do it for you

Asking for help is the best way to spare time and relieve yourself from low-priority duties. If you can’t afford to pay someone, then you can ask a person who is currently not doing anything important to help you out. For example, if you need to buy a couple of things but don’t want to spend an hour shopping on the way from work, ask a friend or a family member who is currently near the stores you need to visit to do it for you. If someone already took the time to go shopping, setting extra minutes aside to pick something up for you won’t be a big deal, but it will save you a lot of time.


3. Go online!

To save time, do as much work as possible online. Shop online, pay your bills online, do your work online. Performing tasks using the internet instead of running around all over town will save you precious hours each day. If there aren’t tasks you can do using only the internet, then try doing them over the phone. If you need to schedule appointments, pick up the phone instead of heading to the office to do it personally.


4. Prepare for the next day

Everything you do in the evening to prepare for the next day will save you time. From picking out your and your kids’ outfits to pre-making breakfast, lunch, and dinner, using extra minutes on your hands to do something you would otherwise have to do tomorrow is a major time-saver. What is done within minutes when you feel relaxed and fresh, takes hours when you feel tired and drained.

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