Cristiano Ronaldo has a very specific game-day routine.

Even the Portugal national team striker, who’s played a starring role in the 2018 World Cupso much, gets up early, adheres to a diet that is full of whole grain carbs, and admires his own reflection in the mirror.

Ronaldo begins early, having gone to bed early the night before. The participant told sources that “sleep aids my muscles recuperate.”

Eight hours sleep is the optimum amount, based on Ronaldo, while seemingly leaves him sufficient time to complete”abs exercise” in his bedroom before he eats breakfast. He said that,  early morning workouts”become a habit.”

So he stays hydrated throughout the day ronaldo will drink lots of fluids. His diet is known to include lots of fish, but may likely eat light meals full of protein and whole grains around the day of a big match.

After Ronaldo has arrived in a stadium, he’ll warm up, stretch, and listen to music. In accordance with former Manchester United teammate Wayne Rooney, he will even look at himself in the mirror.

Ronaldo continues his match day routine even when a game is over. He told Spanish newspaper AS that, after a match, he’ll eat at the scene (usually fruit and pizza), choose hot and cold baths, and go to get a 20-minute swim. “This swim helps Cristiano discuss events in the game and clear his thoughts.”

Contemplating Ronaldo has scored four times in his first two World Cup 2018 games for Portugal, obviously it is a routine that works for him.

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