Kentucky is known for its fine Bourbon, amazing Derby experiences and classic storytelling throughout the state, but there are some other opinions that particularly don’t match up to the high-class of the residents of Kentucky. Let’s all be honest here when a person states they are from Kentucky to an outsider; there are some assumptions that will arise and today, we are going to be discussing some of those common misperceptions.


Not Everyone Lives Out in The Country

As much as everyone would like to think, but no, residents from Kentucky do not all live out in the cornfields and play banjos with not so many teeth. Kentucky, although a rather small state does have some prestigious cities such as Louisville, Frankfort, Lexington, Bowling Green, and many more. You are probably more familiar with hearing about Louisville because of the Derby, which Louisville is home to. Although Kentucky is known for its major farming lands, the cities within Kentucky have been built up to be quite significant over the years as well.


Not Everyone Owns a Horse

Ah, the Derby, what a lovely experience each year in Kentucky! The occasion brings in audiences worldwide and unbelievably, Kentucky is the horse capital of not only the states but the world! Can you believe that? That’s quite the amazing title, am I right? Does everyone in Kentucky own, ride and train horses? Not, just like any other region and or state, everyone within that specific area will be different and hold diverse interests. Unbelievably, but there are some people in Kentucky that are allergic to horses! Hard to believe, right?


Fooling Around with The Accent

Oh, the glorious Kentucky accent; for it follows the residents of Kentucky everywhere they go, and it seems never to leave! Many outsiders consider that just because residents of Kentucky have more of that Southern drawl, the intelligence level of a typical Kentucky resident is much lower than that of someone who possesses more of an upscale, citylike accent throughout their voice. Could this be the case? Not necessarily! Most people in the state of Kentucky know how to pronounce their words and know the meaning of what they are saying, it’s just an accent; not an intelligence drop!




Where Are the Fields of Blue?

It has been such an urban legend for the longest time that Kentucky has fields of blue grass all throughout the state, simply because the state of Kentucky was given its nickname from the special fertilized soil, which at one time made parts of the grass blue. During portions of the Spring, the rich limestone soil does turn parts of the soil and grass a blueish hue, not bright blue, but yes, you can pick up a hint of blue.


What’s the Capital of Kentucky?

No, it sure isn’t good ole’ Louisville as many outsiders would consider that to be the grand capital of Kentucky! Wonder why that’s such a common misperception? Could it be because Louisville is one of the top leading and most prestigious cities in Kentucky? It’s widely known and talked about and home to the Derby! Ah, that must be the reason right there! The state capital of Kentucky is another prestigious city with the name of Frankfort! Since the grand year of 1792, Frankfort has been the capital of Kentucky, and I sure don’t see that changing anytime soon!






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